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Dear customer, for our sake of transparency and reliability, usage policies are displayed on this page. If you request one of our services, we consider you to have agreed to these terms and conditions.

Prohibited uses:

Sending messages (advertising, marketing, or group, offers, mailing bulletins, introductory messages, messages with one content to more than one email, or messages with other content) (To send this type of message, it is recommended to use external services) .

Use Script Forums

Using a script or kron that collects news, articles, or any content from other websites, rss links, or others.

The site is abusing server resources, whether through codes inside the site or large numbers of visitors or others.

Sending spam messages or using codes that abuse your server resources.

Spoofing the names of companies or institutions, using their logos, or publishing copyrighted content.

Create random, temporary or fake emails.

It is prohibited to host the following or related content:

Pornographic content, offensive literature or incitement to violence.

Hacking or spying.

Deception or information gathering.

All programs, viruses, torrents or proxies.

Pirated material or published without the consent of the owners (video, audio, books, etc.).

Chat scripts / dating / social networking.

Shortcut / Tracking Scripts.

Electronic currency or mining.

Content contrary to Islamic law or subject to divine religions or other sects.

Contents that violate the law of any country or domestic legislation.

Sites that contain hate or racist speeches.

Use of the site in any fraud, fraud, tampering with the results of polls or any illegal operation or trade.

These activities can be hosted under the condition of reporting, coordination and prior approval:

Landing pages, commission marketing, or advertising networks.

Coupons / sales / deals sites.

Puzzle / Polls / Games sites.

Websites allowed to host with conditions to maintain the speed and efficiency of your hosting, taking the necessary licenses for intellectual property rights

Stream video (it is recommended that you upload it to sites that support the video, such as YouTube, and then include it on the site and not upload it directly to the server)

You can subscribe to the matches live broadcast and link it to your site.

Songs, movies, games or series sites can be subscribed and linked only to your site.

You can subscribe to file storage sites and centers and link them only to your site.

Package Policies:

Free domain: applies for life and in all packages mentioned only.

Regular Packages: When a site consumes more resources it is necessary to transfer to VPS or Dedicated.

Unlimited package: The package can extend to any size as it is unlimited, but an annual fee is charged in case the package exceeds 25 GB (fees are $ 2 annually for each additional GB).

Recovery laws:

The customer has the right to cancel the order and recover the amount paid within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of the order.

The price of the domain is not refundable: so if the request includes a domain (registration or transfer), the value of the domain will be deducted in full from the amount and the rest will be refunded (even if the offer is free domain or a reduction in the domain price, the price of the domain is calculated without a discount).

The stages of hosting end:

- After 6 days have passed, hosting is temporarily suspended.

- If the hosting is not renewed within 30 days of completion, the hosting will be permanently suspended and all of its files deleted and cannot be recovered after that.

The stages of the domain end:

1- The domain can be renewed only 30 days before the expiration date.

2- End day: The domain and any related services stop working.

3- 7 days after completion: The domain can be renewed during which the domain will be returned to work without additional fees. In this period, the domain will also be displayed at auctions.

4- 15 days after completion: If requests are received in the domain at auctions, the domain will lose and the highest advance price will be won.

5- If no request is submitted in auctions, the domain will enter the pre-deletion stage.

6- 30 days after completion: pre-deletion.

7- 71 days after completion: the domain is deleted and made available for reservation again by anyone.

The company reserves the right to amend these policies at any time. You should check this page periodically to learn about the changes.

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